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Tag: Hardwood Plank Walls

Taking Hardwood Flooring To New Heights

By Trisha @ Jun 25, 2016

Taking Hardwood Flooring To New Heights

KT Hardwoods has joined the latest craze of plank walls. We have seen them in all the popular magazines, HGTV shows, and in all the new homes. They are being used as accent walls in nursery’s and offices, and pretty much any possible room. They seem to fit in any style home when just the right hardwood planks are used. There is much more to installing a plank wall than simply nailing wood to an existing wall. Each type of wood reacts differently based on climate and surfaces, therefor it needs to be installed accordingly.


As an example KT recently installed reclaimed barn wood on multiple walls in the One Gateway Office Building in Downtown Salt Lake City. They even tried something new and wrapped the planter box in the entrance, it is fabulous to say the least.

gateway office.jpg


one gateway plank wall

It was no easy task getting these walls and planter boxes to look this way, but Deric and Remy (two of our long term pros) spent countless hours measuring, cutting, ripping, mitering, and installing each and every individual plank to the metal wall. Because of code enforcement we were unable to install plywood on the wall to nail the hardwood boards to, so we had to adapt. Deric and Remy screwed each individual board into the metal studs that were used to frame the wall. Achieving the seamless look on the corners of the walls and box required numerous meticulous cuts.

reclaimed barn wood planter box

reclaimed barn wood planter box


These fabulous walls go beyond the feature wall and planter box in the entrance. KT also installed wrapped barn wood walls extending from the main floor up to the second floor, appearing as though it is one wall running up through the floor. This creation gives the lobby a larger and seamless appearance. The wall ties in beautifully with the industrial metal bar table and furniture throughout the office building. The reclaimed barn wood is the perfect choice to give what would be a cold and plain industrial office, just the right touch of warmth and character.

hardwood sidways.jpg


reclaimed barn wood plank wall

reclaimed barn wood wrapped plank wall


Choosing the right wood for plank walls is like choosing the right wood for your floor. Just as hiring a custom hardwood flooring professional to install the appropriate wood the correct way on the floor, a professional should also be hired to install the appropriate wood the correct way on any walls. Hardwood floors are no longer just for the floors; we are taking them to new heights. 



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