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By admin @ Oct 12, 2017

It can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing hardwood flooring. Not only are there numerous hardwood species, there are also unlimited stain color variations to choose from. Making virtually countless options for your hardwood flooring .That being said, let’s focus on one basic aspect as a starting point.

Most people start with the color they want their flooring to be, but we feel it best to start with the hardwood flooring species that will best fit your project. Choosing the correct hardwood will assist in the long-term performance of your floors. Although there are multiple factors to consider regarding the environment where the flooring will be installed, a great starting point is the purpose of the floor. For example, if the flooring is being installed in a gymnasium or dance studio it is best to use a harder wood such as maple. These harder species are denser and have a tighter grain which will hold up better to daily wear and tear. For a residential hardwood floor installation that will see low traffic or less wear and tear, you could go with a softer wood such as walnut which is less dense.

For a further explanation and comparison of harder woods vs softer woods see the previous blog post regarding the JANKA scale. Because each individual’s needs and specifications are unique we suggest visiting our showroom to talk with one of our hardwood flooring experts about your specific project.


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